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A Voice from Zero Repeater Campaign team


Greetings and Salam 1 Malaysia, My Friends,

I am here today, as President of PERSIAP, speaking for Zero Repeater Campaign (ZRC), would like to clear the doubt that has been over the place in the recent time. I am pretty sure quite many of you have heard about the sketch performance either directly from ZRC team members or forwarded message from your posting leader. Before rejecting our request, allow me, as the representative of ZRC team, to give a clearer explanation to you, my friends.

Basically, the whole schedule would be as follows: ZRC for this semester would like to organize a half-day program specifically for 3rd year students on the coming 26 February 2011, which we will combine the academic and motivational session together. Early in the morning and afternoon, we will have Program Pemantapan Akademik (PPA) which is sort of the extra pre-exam class that we have been conducting in the previous semesters. Morning session from 8.30am – 1.00pm, there will be classes for OnG, Surgery posting (1 and half hours each posting) and JKM (1 hour)while from 2.30pm to 4.00pm for Medicine and JKM posting. For this semester, slight difference will be made whereby we are not only inviting the lecturer from each posting (hopefully we can get to invite, since we have cooperation with Jabatan Pendidikan Perubatan (JPP) already) but ZRC team is also currently work on generating the question either from question bank or review text books, just to help the students by providing the question what you need to do is just answer and learn the correct way to answer.

On the same day, we will be having a motivational session at 4.00pm directly after the Medicine class so that we can rest at night. Different from previous activities, we are not deciding to organize any form of talk or forum because there will be only 1 way communication, unable to solve the attitude problem of students and the motivational effects will be of short term. This year, we would like to bring out the best way to show to the superior the specific attitude problems that students nowadays possess especially among ourselves. ZRC team has squeezed their brain within limited intracranial spaces just to come out with idea that we need to show the attitude problem by performing sketches.

On the sketch itself, our main objective is to bring out the attitude problem of medical students most notably 3rd year students on how we behave in the ward, clinic or even in room. Clearly speaking, without realizing the source of the problem, how are we going to salvage it? In that session, we would invite expert in PPD like Prof Harlina or Prof Nabishah or any other suitable lecturers PPD to sit together and share their comment and solution to the attitudes of students nowadays. By all mean that we need to provide a clear picture on how students behave and bring this issue to them. However, it could never be done alone by ZRC team; we NEED your help in this session in making this session possible. For your information, you just need to perform a simple sketch, like we were in PPD camp where you would probably require only 1 or 2 days practise. We surely do not encourage you to practice the sketch over few weeks with extremely superb preparation and props as this may be meaningless and burdening you. All in all, we just require you to perform a really simple, short but nice sketch for around 10 minutes each team. We are doing this as competition just to reward your contribution and participation in the ZRC program not to force you to be competing with friends in the same batch.

I understand most of you would have been thinking that the ZRC program this time burdens the your’ studies or jobs. However, let us think that how much hard works and efforts that ZRC team has been putting in, just to generate question bank, organize the PPA class, to approach doctors or professors for guiding the answering skills when most of them rejected and so on. All we have done are for whose benefit? The answer is simple, for us, all my friends. We really do not want to make this compulsory because we are all young adult already and capable of thinking maturely. I myself do hate to be forced as well. The ZRC team members can choose not to do all these, but they have chosen to help and contribute, pity them and let’s not taking them for granted. And all we need is just your participation in the sketch. If we, the ZRC team have given our contribution to our batch and you may think of giving yours, this maybe the simplest way.

Please, anyone can help me to spread this message verbally or via facebook or email, to enlighten as many students as possible and clear their doubt. As the supervisor of ZRC phase II, I have tried my best to help them in every possible way I could, and now the choice is in your hand. Thank You.


Kan Chan Siang

Yang Dipertua PERSIAP

Sesi 2011/2012

Stepping Out of Comfort Zone


Kempen Sifar Ulangan telah mengadakan satu forum pada Ogos, 2010 lepas dan program ini mempunyai kehadiran yang ramai dan mendapat sambutan yang hangat dari pelajar perubatan.

Pihak organisasi telah menjemput Prof Madya Dr. Norzilawati, Dr. Ngiu Chai Soon dan juga pelajar tahun akhir perubatan, saudari Kanit Tha Deang sebagai ahli-ahli panel dan dipengerusikan oleh saudara Hadi Fadhil.

Forum yang bertajuk "Stepping Out of Comfort Zone" telah mengupas berkenaan attitude yang wujud di kalangan pelajar perubatan yang perlu diperbaiki ataupun dicontohi oleh pelajar semua. Pelbagai tip-tip telah diberikan oleh kesemua ahli panel bagi membantu pelajar dalam pembelajaran dan menuntut ilmu sepanjang bergelar pelajar perubatan.

Diharap semua pelajar yang hadir dapat memperbaiki kelemahan yang ada dan terus berubah demi kebaikan masing-masing di masa hadapan.

Sorry for the late update :)

Kuih Raya & Kerepek




Bersempena dengan kedatangan bulan Ramadhan dan seterusnya Hari Raya Aidilfitri,
organisasi kami menjual Kuih Raya dan juga Kerepek
yang boleh ditempah sebelum 20 Ogos 2010 ini

Penghantaran akan dibuat pada minggu ketiga Ramadhan
dan pembayaran boleh dilakukan semasa penghantaran tersebut.

Sebarang pertanyaan dan tempahan boleh diajukan kepada
Ainaa : 013-3012058
Zue : 012-3878650

Tempahan juga boleh ditulis pada borang tempahan yang ditampal di cafe Mak Yong

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak!

Stepping Out of Comfort Zone


Forum "Stepping Out of Comfort Zone"
akan diadakan pada
4 Ogos 2010 (8 malam)
di Auditorium PPUKM

Di harap semua pelajar dapat datang beramai-ramai menghadiri forum ini
Merit disediakan!

Stuktur Organisasi 10/11


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